1. Remember when people weren't so busy with their lives that they had time to contribute to the "Remember When?" page on their family web site?
2. Remember Glass Pond? Beverly went fishing there with Gary and Glenn once and caught a catfish! When she threw the fish back in the pond.....her wedding band went in with it!!! She started jumping up and down screaming and hitting Glenn on the back screaming, "Cookie is going to kill me.".............(he didn't) She wanted Gary and Glenn to jump in and look for it. (NOT!)
3. Remember "MORGANS WEDDING" when the bagpipe band came out for the famous denium wedding...John and Beverly. The leader of the band kept raising his baton and shouting "MORGANS WEDDING!"
4. Remember when Glenn almost choked to death on a chicken bone but Danny Braza ran downstairs from Beverlys room and punched him in the stomach thus ejecting the bone several feet into the air. George ran out the side door into the snow screaming "AMBULANCE...AMBULANCE!!!"
5. Remember when "Mr. George" turned the garage into a bedroom for Mom and Ed?
6. Remember the log cabin in the backyard that Carol and Rebel bought us?
7. Remember "Junior"?
8. Remember the "Mosquito Man?" or "Mr. Softee"
9. Remember Edzoo (now there's a name!) had a Moped and Glenn dislocated his shoulder riding it?
10. Remember the convenience of having our very own tatto palor?
11. Remember everybody used to tell Mom and Dad "Glenn did it" and it was probably true.
12. Remember the Carteret police used to say "Glenn did it" and it was probably true.
13. Remember Franks red pick-up truck named Bettsy?
14. Remember Frank wanted to be a baker?
15. Remember when Brenda burned her leg in the back of the stationwagon? Ed Karst made a sharp turn and spilled his chicken soup on poor Brenda. Or when George clunked her in the head with a nine-volt battery?
16. Remember Mom had two broken legs in a row?
17. Remember Brendas "endless" love affair with Eddy or Garys with Gina?
18. Remember when Grant was Mr and Mrs Boks little pet and he helped clean the movie theater with their son Don?
19. Remember when the boys had a Porch sale and were selling all their stuffed animals, and a very young Bobby Orr came over and purchased everthing with a hundred dollar bill? His mom made him return everything because it turned out he stole the money from his drug dealing father.
20. Remember when we ate Fruit Loops for breakfast for six years straight?
21. Remember when John Karst slept on the rug and emmited loud moans?
22. Remember Georges magic trick with a bean in his ear that ended up in the emergency room to get the bean out?
23. Remember Rebels Fruit stand?
24. Remember when Carol worked at the Holiday Inn and Rebel worked at the Amoco Station and one day Rebel bought Jack "the bum" home for dinner?
25. Remember how Whiskers loved to go under the Christmas tree?
26. Remember Bernie the dog? He was very close to Glenn and his gang and was even seen going down the street with a denim jacket on.
27. Remember the wall of buttons at the Westfield Sewing Center? And Barb knew where every button was because Dad had them in some kind of secret coded order.
28. Remember when Frank got jumped with Glenn and got hit in the head with a belt buckle and needed stitches?
29. Remember Dads tomato gardens? He would pick out giant tomato worms and bring them out to the street to stamp.....all the green juice would splash all over us.
30. Remember Ed Karsts tomato garden? Gary and Glenn convinced him that the starnge plants growing in-between (marijuanna) were actually Chinese tomato plants
31. Remember when Mom pushed Gary against the door and chipped his front tooth?
32. Remember the game of "Hot Potato" when Butch lost his two front teeth? (Glenn did it!)
33. Remember the stationwagon that Carol and Rebel bought to go home in? It was in such bad shape that when they tried to get it through inspection, the officials pulled it out of line for it's own private inspection. It failed miserably and they threatened to impound it. Carol claims that they drove that car to Florida....no problem.....and continued to drive it for years after that.
34. Remember when Gary and George went outside in the dark after watching a scary movie and George scared Gary so bad that when he turned around to run inside, he stepped on a steel rake that was left on the lawn and he had to get stitches and a tetnis shot. Even though George did this horrible thing....Glenn really did it.
35. Remember when we went on vacation with the McSherrys down the shore and rented two houses? Gary had to go in the water with a plastic bag wrapped around his foot because of what "Glenn" did in #34.
36. Remember the Gettysburg vaction and Brendas "Underbrella"?
37. Remember when Erin hand crafted a Xmas present for every single one in the family?
38. Remember when Mom worked at Krausers?
39. Remember when Brother used to come over every Summer with Jimmy, Cindy and Mindy?

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