Welcome to this months SPECIAL SPRING edition of
You get two bonus' this month. 1.a Theme: Hair and 2.The editor gets to think out loud!
Some interesting facts about this photo:
1. There is more than 657 pounds of hair pictured here.
2. It took these three girls ten and a half hours to get ready for this one photo.
3. Almost one full 55 gallon drum of generic hairspray was used.
We need to show the OTHER extreme.
Belindas husband Joe can be ready for a date in 17 seconds.
And that includes changing Bella's diaper.
This is Georges son Jonathan when he was young.
Isn't he cute? He looks a little like George when he was young.
Let's all hope and pray that he doesn't look like his father when he grows up.
Radical hair styles in Hartman History.
Many of us are too young to remember this, but when Dad grew sideburns in the early 1970's it was considered a VERY radical move from an ultra-conservative man who carried a bible everywhere he went. Personally, I think he was inspired by Moses, Abraham or maybe even Mike Brady from the Brady Bunch.
YIKES!...see what I'm talking about.
Heaven only knows what's happening here.
Written On TheBack: "March 1973, Bev with Streaks !!!"
Yeah, I know big deal.....but back in 1973 it was! Bev was always willing to take that dare. To be the first. Bev was a radical in and out.
This photo is another uncovered gem from the archives. It took some time to color correct it and fix it in Photoshop.....because I thought it was worth it. The perfect background. This is the most complete perfect photo of our sister, Beverly that I have ever seen. James Dean-like coat, cigarette and that look in her eyes. She is on her way and she knows it.
There are are no known photos (that I know of) when Bonnie gave herself a haircut at 5 years old.