all the photos below are from the
at Ann and Garys home after her Service

Thank you Gary for sending this clipping and for the amazing food and hospitality that you Ann, grant and Viki provided. And I am sorry that I didn't have photos of everyone. Ann and her parents and little Matt. It was a quick and very sad few days...and it seemed that so much happened so quickly. Now, when I look back on it it all seems like a dream.
How do you summarize a persons days on this planet, dreams, hopes, accomplishments and full life in a short little paragraph that appears only one day in some local newspaper. For those that were there it was extremely moving service in two parts. George Poulo did an excellant job conducting things.
The words  that were said by our family were extremely touching and deep. Later in the day---the room was FILLED with Carols coworkers and they stood up and accounted for how their lives were moved by knowing her in their lives. This is something that I will never she touched more lives then I ever she was embeddded in the community like noone I have ever seen. In every home I visited while I was down there......her final gift to everyone.....The Prayer....was in everyones house. Each one was totally unique. She had to have spent alot of time getting that last Christmas present together. Assembling it with her own hands. The prayer that hung in Whitman street for so many years. The prayer that tells it all in such a simple way....."help me to understand.....that you won't let nothing come my way......that you and me can't handle together."  Let us carry that on in out heritage forever!