april2011- photos that make you think. who what where when how
This photograph was taken exactly (almost) ninety-nine years ago ! This is our great grandfather, Charles Richard Hartmann, his wife Clara and their eleven children. The third from the right, "George" is our grandfather, George Joseph Hartmann. He is our father's father. This was a huge discovery for me, for us. This photograph was sent to me from a very kind gentleman that I met on the internet after I stumbled upon some information on a heritage web site. These are also his great grand parents. Charles and Clara led very busy lives besides taking care of a large family. This photo is actually from "The Hartmann Book" as to which I hope to have a copy of soon. My new friend lives in Canada and he claims that there are Hartman's eveywhere up there and in the states. There is much more to come soon. I'm glad that we have this oppertunity to meet this family of our past. It started in New York and they moved over to Jersey City at the turn of the century and stayed there until they passed on. Of these children, Barb, Bev and I did meet two of them when they were very old. They were retired nuns in Mendham New Jersey and we would go there with dad and grandpa to visit them for a huge Summer picnic a couple of Summers in a row.