ABOVE: The Gills gather.

BELOW: Gary and his son, Matt or as he is called Luke.

HAPPY EASTER from the Hartmans
ABOVE: Thankfully in all our time living at 121 Whitman street in Carteret, there were very few dangerous or even traumatic events. There was of course
the "chicken bone" incident when Danny Braza saved Glenn Hartman's life at the kitchen table after a bone got caught in his esophagus. There was moms
three broken legs. Gary stepping on a hoe in the front yard piercing his barefoot after viewing a horror movie. My personal event of having Glenn throw the
bright red wind-up "hot potatoe" directly at my face and chipping my front teeth.
BUT no horror was ever greater than perhaps "The Day the Easter Bunny Visited"
Never was there more blood curling screaming and crying than when this seven foot tall bunny rabbit happened to stroll through the door one happy Saturday
evening before Easter. Petrified children ran for cover, parents panicked and maybe 911 was called. As you can see in the photo Bonnie is still upset and Bernadette
is barely recupperating. Gary and Brenda have figured out the bunny disguise by looking deep into his eyes. Greg has conquered the twin peaks.


Belinda boo ABOVE holding moms craftwork.

BELOW: June 16, 1955