PTMYTaugust 2015
TOP: Great Gill group shot. I'm gonna say middle 1980's
Although we have connected with most of our cousins again on FaceBook, they have been very very quiet.
Am I crazy to think that life is too short to have some kind of Hartman-Gill Family reunion? I quess we are all too busy making money and surviving. It wouldn't be so hard to imagine let alone piece it together.
TWO: This is an obviously a very old photo that I have been trying to figure out. There are some obvious people here, George Hartman Senior with his second wife surrounded by what I am positive are his sisters from family of 12. The men are their husbands.
This is a very young Grandma Hartman, Alice Anderson with two of her kids, George Hartman (our father) on the lap and Geraldine Jones, our aunt in front with big smile.
THREE: In honor of the one year anniversary of brother Glenns step into the midst.. a another group shot of a father and his children. Glenn looks great here!
FOUR: This August is the 15 year anniversary of Bevs passing. This was Barbs baby shower, June 8, 1974. I know this date because our mother loved writing on the back of photos. She did this because she was always sending photos with her many many letters to her sister in Florida and her brother in Ohio. This is a great photo of Barb but also of Bev. Barb was pregnant, getting married and movong out. She was 18 (?). This was all very shocking to me especially the pregnancy. When mom sat me down on the table and told me that Barb was pregnant I literally almost threw up. I don't know why. Barb is so happy in this photo because everyone knew Barb wanted a "strawberry kitchen" She always wanted a "strawberry kitchen" She had made and sewn strawberry curtains and she is excited here because she just received a red tea pot to match her strawberry kitchen.
FIVE: Here is the baby that the shower was for. Belinda. Or as she was known as in this time, "Belinda Boo".The first of thirteen grandchildren for mom. Our father never laid eyes on one grandchild. He died way before this started happening.
I've often wondered how much he would have loved that title: Grandpa Hartman. He called his father "Pops" so I beleieve he would have continued that tradition.