ABOVE: "Brother" Fredrick Gill as very young boy.

BELOW: James his son.

ABOVE: Three beautiful girls. Cousins!

BELOW: Glenn and Glenn Incorporated.

Barbara Ann Hartmans first communion 1964. Behind her is the picket fence unpainted fresh and new. The old neighborhood, cars and houses. Carteret exploded growth as a suburb built off the turnpike in 1960. The whole neighborhood was brand new. Like everything in life it has changed dramatically. Old neighborhoods like "Chrome" have been levelled and replaced by huge condo developments. Yet on the outskirts of town, the huge oil storage tanks remain and there is still a church or bar on every other corner.
photos that make you think February 2014

"My Man" ABOVE George C. Hartman in Korean war.

BELOW: Beverly the Go-Go Girl in Linden N.J.

When you first look at this photo you say "Brenda!" It is actually her talented daughter Brooke in a HS school play.