ABOVE: This photo originally appeared in a blog post. There is a ton of Gill history here, sadly not many of the people can be identified. There is the obvious, Joan Gill bottom right and her "Brother" Fred bottom left. There is Fred Gill our grandfather on the right and his wife May on the left and they are sandwiching many people we can't figure out. Just by looks, the older couple in the middle are probably Fred or Mays parents. So probably the others may be aunts and uncles of Joan and Fred.
Even more frustrating to me is that if Carol Fred or Joan were here, they would be able to point out everyone in the photo and have several stories to go with it. But most people don't care about an old black and white stained photo from the 1940's where everyone posing is long dead by now. (except maybe that little girl at the top of the photo....whoever that even is.)
PHOTO RIGHT: Fred Gill our grandfather in anothere day at the office in the Westfield NJ police department. I'm thinking that this was close to his retirement. The old style microphone, typwritter and the switchboard phone behind him are absolute classic.

ABOVE: Mom in her favorite seat. BELOW: New Jersey Turnpike early 1960's.

Barbara Ann Hartmans first communion 1964. Behind her is the picket fence unpainted fresh and new. The old neighborhood, cars and houses. Carteret exploded growth as a suburb built off the turnpike in 1960. The whole neighborhood was brand new. Like everything in life it has changed dramatically. Old neighborhoods like "Chrome" have been levelled and replaced by huge condo developments. Yet on the outskirts of town, the huge oil storage tanks remain and there is still a church or bar on every other corner.
photos that make you think january 2014
Perhaps the last true family happy get-together ABOVE: Grants wedding in Florida. Greg, Nicole and Carol. One day we will regret not getting together more as a family. One day when working, children, money and everyday bullshit doesn't matter.
BELOW: New Gill history in the making. Life is good in Ohio.