Photos that make you think: JULY 2012

This months Photo's that make you think take us through several generations. TOP: Brenda clowns for her own self-portrait. She would have been 46 this month!
George Charles Hartman our father grabs a moment with his dad George Joseph Hartman, our grandfather.....and cat.
Summer of 2012, from a hotel somewhere in between Ohio and New Jersey, the future generations meet. Bonnies, Brittney, Brenda's Becca and Belinda's Bella complete the sandwich manuver. It is the greatest of things that Barbara, Bernadette, Bonnie, Belinda and Jim Courday work together to give these cousins some time to know each other. Much like our mom's and dad's made great efforts to keep us close when we were younger.
James Gill takes a walk with his little granddaughter "K"
Finally, this handsome youg man, the youngest of us all poses for a snapshot., Bonnies and Pauls youngest son, Blake.