TOP: Since July celebrated Bernadettes 50th birthday, she gets two photos. Here she is getting Becca's hair utangled.
TWO: Bern and Glenn from one of the "get the cousins together" trip that Barb, Bern and Bon organize every year. What a great blessing this has been for these kids.
THREE: Written on the back: "Sunday Dinner '82" So in this era we had Bevs boyfriend Ronnie and his kids in the picture. I forgot their names but they were great kids. I really like this photo because who can forget those kitchen curtains, that big ole pot and Frank and Brenda teaming up. Although Brenda was dating Eddie at the time, Frank and Brenda were always together. At home, cooking, in Franks red pick up. He took care of Brenda. He loved Brenda.
FOUR: Rebel. How lucky were we to not only have an uncle named Rebel but to have an uncle so colorful and loving to all of us. I do believe Fred Dooley might have had a blood child or two in this world but he loved us like we were his own. He was a man's man and street smart with a huge passion for life. He lived hard and he drank hard and he smoked hard but he was one tough man.
BOTTOM: It doesnt get any better than this. Remind you of another set of sisters? "We love each other!" I just love when these two were together and it got better when their brother was with them. They taught us that families should be loving and close-knit. And the whole idea of getting cousins together in the Summer was started by Joan and Fred. We all know how those great times were. The highlite of Summer was swimming with my cousins and playing football on the street.