june2011- photos that make you think. who what where when how
This is NOT a Jersey Boy. Once he got in that car many years ago to go south, he never looked back.
The trendy styles of his time. Dad wears a pompadoure and sweater in a relaxing moment in the 1950's.
Belinda, Glenn and Bonnie pal it up.
There were only seven known photos taken at Mom and Dads Wedding, June 11, 1955 and this is probably the best one. Color cameras were not owned by everyone so it was a big deal to have color memories back then. Ironically sixteen years later on the same exact date the groom passed away leaving behind a legacy.
The grandmother we never knew. May Gill (Rosencrans) was a very beautiful woman. Our mothers mom died very unexpectadly on June 9 1959 of an apparent heart attack. At just 44 years old she sadly hardly got to meet any of her future grandchildren although Barbara was just two and Beverly was an infant.