Not a good photograph aimed but a great photograph. Probably the only photo of Uncle Jay Jones with the nieces and nephews he loved. Uncle Bill in the background. Also in the background---THAT weekly calander that mom always had. Art on the garage door. Home.
Everytime I discover an old photo of the first Westfield Sewing Center it has a different store front.
Brothers. William and George. I don't remember Uncle Bill being taller than my father. Actually I don't remember much of Uncle Bill. A very quiet and humble man.
Another very old photo in really bad condition..maybe that is why I love it so much. Not sure if this was taken in our old dinning room (before the wall was knocked down and the kitchen was extended) but I doubt it. Would just love to have a recording of this conversation from so many decades ago. What were their concerns? Why do they look so somber? Big glasses of Schaffer Beer. They were professional drinkers. They could and did sit at a table, bar, stadium, horse track and drink. They were very good at it. Moms playfull point and toungue sticking out is interestingly directed at whoever took this photo. I wonder who did take it.
WOW! The future explodes with color, hope and love with this little girl. Brenda Hartmans young daughter Rebecca would have certainly put a smile on everyones face in that dinning room photo above.