-Oh the things I do for great photos. This was iphone photoed off Carol Hartmans refriderator when I took Glenn Jr. (Shiva) to Newark.

- Mom. She would have been 79 this June 27. This is a screenshot from the movie that Jaybird gave me. I have been trying to figure out who the baby is based on other kids ages in the movie.

But the movie isn't in chronological order at all. My quess is that it is Gary or Glenn. But who really cares who it is. It's a great moment to see mom as a mother again with a little baby.

-Trish Smith and her beautiful clan!

-Geraldine Jones our fathers sister. A very interesting woman that led a very interesting life. She loved going places and doing things even after her heartbreaking diagnosis of lupus. She lived a long wonderful life and left behind three wonderful children.

This photo was taken up high across from Central Park NYC. That is the famous Sherry Netherland Hotel right above her head and to it's right the Savor Plaza Hotel that was torn down in 1965. It was replaced with the contraversial General Motors skyscraper.



June 2016