PTMYT september 2010

This months Photos That Make You Think include two from a recent family road trip to West Virginia. In this adventure, the idea was for a "halfway point" between New Jersey and Ohio. The goal of this trip was to bring little Rebecca from Ohio to New Jersey to stay at Barbaras house for a week. A one night stay at the hotel brought family members together for a short time with split expenses.
FROM OHIO, Bernadette drove with Glenn and Becca. FROM NEW JERSEY; Barb drove in her brand new car with George.
PHOTO one, Glenn was "kidnapped" from the nursing home in Ohio. Generally in GREAT spirits the whole trip, but he did have some things on his mind.
PHOTO two: Grandma Wilsksi. Perhaps our second mother. Her smile could save the world.
PHOTO three; A great closeup of Grandpa Gill. The face of a John Wayne-like movie star. A hero policeman. A fisherman. A traveler. A father. A husband. Stern yet undeniably unselfish.
PHOTO four: Cousin James Gill and girlfriend Tammy search for and triumphantly rediscover Grandpa Gills grave site in Ohio. He is buried there with his third wife Goldie.
PHOTO five: Who? What? Where? When? How?
The two long distance drivers from the West Virgina trip relax in the hotel!