Sept2011- photos that make you think. who? what? where? when? how?

The ever-changing landscape of life. One day you are standing tall and before you know it, you are leveled into the ground. If you ever wondered where you will be ten years from now, on September 11 2021, you won't believe where the time has gone.
And before the Hartman Girls, there was the Hartmann girls, who posed once upon a time against a sunny bush and they were on top of the world. Now they are all gone. This is the cycle of life.
In memory of our dear Aunt Gerry. I don't have any photos of her. Just a few blurry and scrathchy black and whites. Gerry never really liked to have her photo taken, She was a great aunt, the sister of our father. Forever lost, I thought, until a phone call only days before her surgery and death, Now how I cherish that phone call. How all the memories came flooding back by just the sound of her voice. She was filled with forgotten memories and I could only listen with fascination and almost tears. Here she is posing with her father, George Joseph sporting a very rare smile for the camera. Typically known as a grumpy man, with baggy pants and a cigarette in his hand.

One day in late August on the side of the road, cousins and the next generation of Hartmans pose after the last few slices of New Jersey pizza. It is always years in-between visits for these children of ours and we can only hope and pray that they will keep in touch after we are gone but they really don't know each other and life is so so busy the chances are very slim. They will probably never pose together again.
Speaking of cousins, our cousin James Gills kids point the camera their way and the reflection is caught forever. We have yet to meet this side of our family, our cousins kids and even now: our cousins kids children !! The family is growing and spreading deeper and further and through the craziness of life we are all connected some how. Life is too short to not get together once in awhile.